Rachel Olmstead: 1st Administrative Account

When Rachel Parsons Maddox Olmstead died on October 11, 1863, she was the guardian of 4 of her minor grandchildren, who had lost their parents just a few years before.  The children in questions were twin boys Edward J. W. Maddox (1850-1887) and Joseph Maddox (1850-?), Rachel Julia Maddox (1854-?) and James T. Maddox (1857-1891). They were the children of George H. Maddox (1823-1858) and Julia A. Orem (1829-1859). Guardianship of the children transferred to Rachel’s youngest son, James T. Maddox.  Rachel died intestate.  Below is a transcription of the 1st administrative account of Rachel Olmstead, found in the index to letters of administration, Baltimore City, Folio 138, book 17, October 1863.

Baltimore City, pg. 527

The First Account of James T. Maddox

Administrator of Rachel Olmstead, deceased

The Accountant charges himself with this amount retained in the settlement of Joseph H-Edward J- Rachel J- and James T Maddox’s Guardian’s Account in the Orphans Court for Baltimore City on the 20th day of September, 1869, being the amount due the Estate of Rachel Olmstead deceased, who was the former guardian of the said Orphans, amounting to $347.21

And he craves an allowance for the following Payment and Disbursements

Cash paid for the funeral expenses of the Deceased, as follows, viz

John D. Lancaster, for a coffin, per account and receipt appears $25.00

Elisha Cox for Hearse and 8 Hacks, per account and receipt appears $24.00

Mt. Olivet Cemetery for digging grave vc per account and receipt appears $5.50

A.L. Abell for advertising death of the deceased in the Daily Sun, per account and receipt appears $1.00


Ditto paid Henry Theban for 2 months house rent due by the Deceased, per account and receipt appears $25.00

Ditto P.C. Bradley in full of his claim for Grocer’s per account and receipt appears $5.15

Ditto paid John Graham in full of note and interest on $100 bearing date September 15, 1863, payable 12 months after date, per note and proof of payment appears $100.00

Ditto paid for United States Revenue Stamps .55 cents

Ditto paid Registers Fees and for Copy of Account $6.65

This Accountant’s commission on 347.21 at 5 percent $17.36

Cash retained by this Accountant; a son and one of the Heirs at Law of the Deceased, being in full of his proportion or distributive share of the Personal Estate $68.50

Ditto retained by this Accountant as Guardian of Joseph H- Edward J- Rachel J- and James T Maddox, orphan children of Julia A. Maddox, deceased, and Grandchildren and Heirs at Law of the said Rachel Olmstead, deceased, being in full of their respective proportions or distributive shares of the Personal Estate $68.50

Estate accounted for $347.21

Baltimore City, Ss. On the 20th day of September 1869 came James T. Maddox, Administrator as aforesaid, and made oath on the Holy Evangely of Almighty God, that the aforegoing account is first and true as stated, and that he has paid or secured payment of every sum or sums for which he craves an allowance, which after examination is passed by order of the Orphan’s Court.

Test. G. Harman Brown. Register of Wills for Baltimore City



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